Tally Dascom 1125 + 1140 1145 1330 Ribbon


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Tally Dascom 1125+/1140/1145/1330 Printer Ribbon
This new 80-column dot matrix printer is designed to meet the requirements of high definition and cost-effective printing in the market.
A great deal of innovative technologies and new designs are applied such as horizontal print position tracking, anti-paper-jam paper path design, and high-speed printing, making the printer extremely competitive.
Additionally, a roll paper stand is available upon request for Point of Sales applications.
Printer models fit with Tally Dascom 99007 Ribbon
Tally Dascom 1125+ Printer

Tally Dascom 1140 Printer

Tally Dascom 1145 Printer

Tally Dascom 1330 Printer



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Tally Dascom 1125 + 1140 1145 1330 Ribbon